A Minecraft schematic is a file type that allows you to import a creation/build into your Minecraft world/server. The file type extension of this file is .schematic and you can import it using MCEdit software or WorldEdit plugin.

The schematic file will be available for immediate download in your account dashboard.

You are free to use this .schematic file on your Minecraft server or world. However, you are simply purchasing a license to use this schematic file. This means you cannot sell the file or redistribute it to anyone.

You can import the .schematic into your server or world in one of two ways: MCEdit or WorldEdit.

WorldEdit Steps
– Upload the .schematic file to /plugins/WorldEdit/schematics folder.
– Type //schem load mcedit filename where filename is the name of your .schematic file.
РType //paste to paste the schematic where you are standing in the world.
** If your server crashes or cannot handle the size of the schematic, install AsyncWorldEdit plugin to paste the schematic in parts so the server doesn’t crash.

MCEdit Steps
– Download and run MCEdit onto your computer.
– Click “Load World” and choose the world you want to import the schematic into.
– Click “Import” on the bottom of MCEdit menu.
– Select your .schematic file and import it into the world and press enter when you are comfortable with the location of the schematic.
– Save the world and it is now complete.

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